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Create Your Best Life Coaching Program with Christy Freddo

Welcome to the Create Your Best Life 12-week coaching program. This is not just a program, it’s a transformational journey to your most extraordinary life. Whether you’re feeling stuck, seeking deeper fulfillment, or looking to make a change, I’m here to guide you. Together, we’ll harness the boundless potential of your mind, rewrite the inner narratives that no longer serve you, and usher in a beautiful, more fulfilling life — one that may, until now, have existed only in the whispers of your heart.

Let’s dive into the details of the transformative process:

#1: Personalized Reinvention Roadmap: Together, we’ll embark on a deep exploration of your current situation, your challenges, and your aspirations. We’ll chart a course from where you stand now to the future you’ve envisioned. I’ll provide you with the tools to recognize obstacles, gain crystal-clear clarity on your goals, navigate through change, and craft a customized roadmap. Expect weekly assignments to keep you moving forward on this transformative journey.

#2: Expert 1:1 Coaching: Get ready for personalized, weekly coaching sessions tailored just for you. We’ll confront your challenges head-on, arming you with strategies crafted uniquely for your journey, so you can overcome obstacles and shape a life that fills you with love and joy.

#3: Direct Access to Yours Truly: Reach out via email between our sessions. Have a question? Need to brainstorm? I’m right here with you, every step of the way. You’ll have the founder and creator of this program by your side, ensuring you never navigate this path alone.

#4: Personalized Meditation with Abundance Affirmations: You’ll receive a completely customized guided meditation carefully curated for your soul’s evolution. This daily meditation will guide you through the visualization of your new life, exactly as you’ve envisioned it in your Reinvention Roadmap. These sessions will cultivate inner peace and help you visualize and manifest your most abundant life.

#5: Bonus monthly master class: We’ll delve into a range of topics like meditation, manifestation, breaking through change cycles, and so much more.

And, with my Life Reimagined guarantee, in just 12 weeks, you will stand tall, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you possess the tools, skills, and mindset to overcome any challenge to build the life of your dreams. If you don’t feel that confidence, we will continue with complimentary coaching for an additional 30 days.

Get ready to embrace the journey of your life – your best life is awaiting you!

What clients are saying...

“I have worked with Christy Freddo, both in one-on-one coaching and group coaching.  Christy is the rare person who can ask the right questions to help you unearth your passions, while encouraging you to set your to-do’s and goals in a very workable format.  She has a framework around her coaching which she gently applies, while also allowing you to personalize the experience and/or totally go off into another direction if you want.  She has helped me to formulate and flesh out my business path, and also assisted me in processing some very delicate and painful personal issues in real time.  She is a woman of integrity and a successful business owner who has experience in knowing what it takes to make the changes necessary to begin again, and can show you how to do the same.  Christy has been a true blessing in my life.  I highly recommend working with her!”

-Margaret M.


“I am so grateful for Christy’s coaching! I don’t know if I have enough words but I’ll try my best❤️
Christy has an extraordinary talent for demystifying complexity. She expertly unravels intricate challenges, getting right to the heart and core  of the matter. With her guidance, you’ll discover straightforward, practical strategies that spark action and drive results in your life and business.
Among her many other skills as a business coach, what truly sets Christy apart is her innate ability to uncover and illuminate your hidden strengths – often before you’ve even recognized them yourself. I will never forget what she told me during one of our consultations- “I wish you could see how amazing you are through my eyes!” This was so empowering to me that when I don’t have my own courage, I’ve revisited that conversation and it has helped me get out of my own head. 
Under her astute guidance, you’ll not only see but fully embrace the remarkable talents that have always been a part of you, waiting to be acknowledged and utilized. With Christy, prepare to embark on a transformative journey towards self-realization and empowerment.”
– Pinky C. 
“Christy is a cheerleader for your authenticity and ability to create, and she’s genuinely engaged to witness the art, ideas and offerings of the people she’s coaching.  That’s what makes her really wonderful as a coach – she empathizes with the journey I’m on of finding both my voice and my craft individually and not as an employee of a company.  Through her book and her own story, she both shares wisdom and lets you know that she’s been where I’m at, and understands the type of grit required to explore the unknown. By sharing her knowledge of manifestation and how our minds form belief systems, she provides a potent road map for self discovery.  It’s pretty hard to argue with the laws of manifestation 🙂  But it’s easy for us to quickly get negative and skeptical, so even if we’ve read all the new age books, it helps to have a coach to keep us on track.   I’m delighted that her program is a mixture of individual sessions and group discussions.  Very happy and grateful to be working with her!”
-Rebecca S.
“Wow, Christy, you have been such an amazing compass for me. You so easily were able to see the vision I have for my life.  You allowed me to feel my feelings as well as my doubts then helped me to see that doubts are part of the process then helped me as I identified them and worked through them. I have amazingly big dreams for my life and I am forever Grateful to you Thank you for shining your Beautiful light of love, compassion, knowledge and understanding in my world. xoxo”
-Amy K.
“I recently had the pleasure of a one-hour coaching session with Christy, and it was very impactful. She listened intently to everything I was bringing into the table and provided insightful guidance that helped me realign my focus. 
Thanks to Christy’s reminder about the benefits of time blocking, I’ve now adopted this method for the past two weeks, resulting in significantly improved productivity and a clearer focus on what truly matters. Not only is Christy an absolutely lovely person, but she’s also a wonderful and insightful coach.”
-Anna G.