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Join Christy on this transformative journey as she shares her experiences and the strategies to help you create your best life. Let her be your trusted guide as you embark on your own path toward a more fulfilling and beautiful life.

Christy Freddo - Best Life Mindset

A Note From Christy Freddo - Owner of Best Life Mindset

I would love to help you completely transform your life using strategies I personally used with great success!

In 2011, in a span of six months, I freed myself from the gilded cage that was my high-paying, glamorous but horribly toxic corporate job that everyone envied, left a decade old abusive marriage to a seemingly charming man everyone loved and finally admitted to myself I was an alcoholic and got sober after 20 years of hardcore drinking.

Within two years, I had my own profitable business that allowed me to financially continue the lifestyle I had with my corporate job, had met a wonderful, kind man who I would later blend a beautiful family with and had permanently swapped cocktails for yoga without ever looking back.

It’s my heart’s greatest desire to help others create their best life, too! Join me!